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A Place to Create

Posted on May 03, 2015 by Theresa Mendez | 4 comments

Outgrowing our home studio space left us seeking a place to call home, a place to create, to inspire, to dream, give & grow. Bittersweet but exciting at the same time, similar to eating sweet tart candy. ( I like the blue ones)

Securing a storefront not far from our home, because it is important to us to be an active part of our community, while establishing an environment that is peaceful and calm was high on the list.  A place to come visit, chat about life and share a few laughs. We want to be your local go to place for gifts, and your handcrafted bubbly body treats. A destination that is inviting, where you can embrace your own creativity via our classes and fun events. 

Settling in and adding special touches to the Studio has been exhausting, exciting, and exhausting. Oh, I said that already. ;)  We believe in second chances and want our fixtures to be unique, those that have been repurposed, reused, and reloved. Scouting for family loved furniture pieces, and the stories that go with them has become a passion. Seeking from estate sales, garage sales, and The Coat of Many Colors, our neighbor store that serves Mission Central for the homeless, has allowed us to create just that. 


For instance, our cash wrap/check-out counter is at least 100 years old. A well loved piece from an Italian family in Jersey. A wedding gift to the Bride from her Groom. Her son shared his memories with me, stating it was where his Mother kept her dough bowl and roller for making pasta for their family. Ha... maybe a little subliminal that I chose it for our checkout station. After refinishing the top, we added castors for ease of moving it as needed, otherwise the years of love and memories remain across the grain. I love knowing the history of a piece and enjoy honoring it in our studio. 

Every piece in the studio has a story, some more interesting than others, but loved just the same. :) (I see I need to stain the kick front used to reinforce the castors.)

 If you are in the area, drop in for a visit. ~Theresa




  • Lou

    Theresa, great article. I can’t wait to get back over to see you! And, I love what you are doing with the reuse/repurpose of items.

  • Theresa

    Thank you Sandy and Jacqui for your lovely comments and taking time to read our first blog post. More importantly, thank you for your love and support! ~Theresa

  • Sandy

    Awesome job Theresa! You are such an inspiration. I am so happy for you and the story on that piece of furniture is just awesome. Love the repurposed, reused and reloved. Good luck!

  • Jacquil Kimberlin

    I love you guys..,,you have become such an important part of my life, I may not see you as much as I would like to right now. But you have inspired me so much, you make me want to do better for me and my family.
    I’m exciting to grow with you in my life.
    I carnt wait to get back in the studio.


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