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A Hearfelt Prayer

Posted on November 03, 2015 by 53989290 | 0 comments
Are you on Pinterest? Most of you are and possibly several of you have heard about it but not really sure what it is.  I do have a few friends that are not involved in social media and want to  remain that way. For those that are curious, Pinterest is an online site for pinning things that are of interest to you. Instead of earmarking pages in a magazine or ripping them out and placing them in a binder of sorts, you tag a picture, recipe or a great DIY article onto boards(organized categories). These can be public or secret. It can be addicting, and when I need to get lost for a while, Pinterest is usually where I will be. Stay with me, there is a reason I ask and wanted it to make sense, just in case you are not pinning. Earlier today, my daughter sent me a pin of a beautiful heartfelt prayer. May God bless the woman deep within me, the woman I am trying to be. May he mend where my heart is broken, and fill every empty space. May God erase the fears of my past When I read these words and let them wash over me,  a lump grew in my throat and  could feel the emotions begin to well up inside. I could feel the ebb of  her pain, her fears, her brokeness and her desire to feel whole. The first line is powerful, May God  bless the woman deep within me, the woman I am trying to be.  I hear her cry for Mercy, a plea for help and a brighter future; a chance to grow and be transformed. It is every Mother's wish that her children feel safe, happy and loved. Change is painful, but it also brings growth. Knowing she is not alone in her fears,  maybe some of you are experiencing something similar.  Please know you can do this, be transformed, to feel whole. Reach out for support. Surround yourself with love. People really do care. We just need to let them in. My prayer is for everyone to  feel loved. Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~TheresaTheresa Wandering Thistle Studio 1459x1469
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