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"Bathe With Your Favorite Beer!" & Other N. Texas Beer Week Fun.

Posted on November 06, 2015 by 53989290 | 2 comments
We all know about the crazy holidays like Dill Pickle day, Nacho Day,  but something that is exciting in our area is the North Texas Beer Week. Texans love their beer, craft beer to be more exact.  There are approximately 76 craft breweries belonging to the Texas Craft Brewers Guild  with more up and coming in the ranks once TABC approve their brewing license. This is the third year and according to Scooter Hendon of DFW.com it is the biggest yet, with over 350 events over the next 10 days. Some of the fun will be a Brewer's Ball, special beer releases such as a collaboration brew between two top breweries: Lakewood & Rahr. Also Untapped Dallas the kick off event, as well as, some brewery anniversary celebrations, various tasting events and tap takeovers. Definitely a craft beer lovers paradise . So what does this have to do with Wandering Thistle Studio? For one, I love Craft beer. 2nd, the similarities of being able to create something from locally sourced ingredients is in keeping with the handcrafted tradition. One of the locally sourced ingredients we use is Texas Craft Beer. Our beer soap line, Texas Beer Soap, is created with wonderful Texas craft beer. Spring Texas Beer Soap one 2974x2974 We love our beer soap! The bubbly lather that is created from the sugar of the barley brew, along with our double butter, palm free formula is phenomenal.  Plus it is fun to "Bathe with your favorite beer!".  Want to hear some of the funny comments we have heard about beer soap? We work with some of our local breweries, creating custom scents for them to sell in their swag shop. If you happen to visit their brewery tours, be sure to check out our soaps. Martin House, Lakewood, Rahr, Rogness, & Bluebonnet. [caption id="attachment_321" align="aligncenter" width="434"]This was one of our collaboration soaps with Martin House Brewing & The Toadies! This was one of our collaboration soaps with Martin House Brewing & The Toadies![/caption] You can find our other soaps,  and related products, here at Texas Beer Soap Co., at the Studio located in Bedford, or a more extensive list of our products at wanderingthistlestudio.com Never attended a brew house tour? Give it a try. They are usually very laid back and some are dog friendly. Often there will be a local band to entertain, food trucks or a local restaurant selling their tasty tidbits, and maybe a local artisan such as myself selling their wares. There is a nominal fee for entry, receiving a souvenir glass, along with chips or coupons for 3 samples of their beers on tap. Be sure to check if there is a special release, if so, you want to arrive early.  And of course always take a designated driver. Craft beer can pack a punch with their higher ABV % compared to non craft beer. If you want to find more events in the DFW area check out ntxbeerweek.com Cheers, Schol, Salud, Prosit, or  Slainte to all of you craft beer lovers! As always... Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~TheresaTheresa Wandering Thistle Studio 1459x1469
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  • Theresa

    Me too! What kind do you like? I love a good stout!

  • Marilyn

    What a fun event to attend. I love craft beers!


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