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Nurture The Teacher Within

Posted on November 10, 2015 by 53989290 | 2 comments

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful Autumn day.

If you have read a few of my blogs, you know I love teaching. It is one of the reasons I opted for such a large space when seeking a home for the Studio.

Teaching is nurturing, guiding, mentoring, and or facilitating new or enhanced knowledge to someone else. It is something we all do, whether we realize it or not by our actions, our speech,  and our body language. Children mirror what they see, so it is important that we nurture ourselves. Offer guidance when needed. Mentor them in an interest that you both share,  or be a facilitator of new learning. Nurture Wandering Thistle Studio Remember how this was accomplished with Ava and her experiencing the soothing qualities of lavender, freshly picked from the garden? (I will link it at the bottom of the post.) Due to this experience and others, she is very curious about herbs and other botanicals;  which absolutely thrills me. During the summer, my oldest son caught a glimpse of us out in the field picking dandelion blossoms. He said we looked like a couple of hobbits. Well, not so sure of that one, but I think it was a compliment.   During this excursion, teaching Ava about respecting these plants as a food source for honey bees, butterflies and such, and how important is was to leave plenty for them in which to feed.  For every one we picked, we left two for them.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy

in creative expression and knowledge."

~ Albert Einstein

She also knows what Plantain looks like and how it can be useful. And I can't leave her alone with a Stevia plant, she used to call it her "sugary plant", she a loves to eat those tiny, little leaves right of the stem, plucking it plumb naked. Did you catch my Texas slang? You can read more of Speaking Texan from a previous post. The most recent of Ava's love from the botanical world is the Aloe plant. My Mother has huge Aloes growing in her South Georgia garden. She keeps a fresh cut leaf in her refrigerator wrapped in a paper towel in a plastic freezer bag for emergencies. Another planted seed or teaching moment that has been nurtured. Needless to say, this was our latest purchase from the garden exchange.

He who plants a garden, plants happiness.

~ Proverbs

Tomorrow we will do a tutorial of how to harvest Aloe to keep on hand for those just in case moments. What type of plants do you love to keep around and do you teach your children about them? Lavender ~ A Sensory Gift Speaking Texan ~ A Lil' Southern Charm As always... Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~ TheresaTheresa Wandering Thistle Studio 1459x1469
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