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Self-Care: Taking Time To Play

Posted on October 29, 2015 by 53989290 | 0 comments
How do you occupy your time? This is always on the forefront when I was working in the healthcare arena. Not only for my clients but for their caretakers as well. Most often, little or no leisure time was available for the family members that care for those that have suffered a serious illness or sudden trauma. Their time is planned meticulously around the needs of their loved one. Finding them exhausted and depleted mentally and physically was common.  Often encouraging temporary respite care to give them a break  and to rejoin the world outside of care-taking, even just for a few hours a day. Convincing them to do so was like pulling teeth. Totally understandable of their desire to make sure all was well and taken care of. However, being chronically fatigued and suffering from a depressed immune system is also something to reckon with. Many of us can fall into the same routine of self neglect by becoming overwhelmed with our career, volunteer work, family life, etc. We need to find time, no make time, to play, to relax, to (fill in the blank). So I ask you " How do you occupy your time?" "What gives you joy?" Leisure Time Wandering Thistle Studio Having leisure time is fulfilling and brings contentment. Try learning something new, possibly a new language as discussed here in a blog about our family competition.  Take a mini-class with friends or plant a garden. Gardening can be so therapeutic. The participation of being destructive and constructive at the same time is so cathartic. No space for a garden? Patio or window sill gardening is just as fun. Give yourself permission to take a break. Take a relaxing bubble bath.  Enjoy lunch with a special friend and catch up. Adopt some type of exercise to keep yourself healthy such as dancing, walking, stretching. Go for a leisurely walk and enjoy the fresh air, breathe in and clear the mind while you soak up some beneficial Vitamin D.  Learn more about our bodies need of Vitamin D here.  And a great Smoothie Recipe here. Is writing your relaxation? Publish your own books. Learn all about it here from Selah Press Keeping up with friendships will help keep you healthy. Read my blog post The Power of Friendship here. Have something in mind? How do you want to occupy your time? Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~ TheresaTheresa Wandering Thistle Studio 1459x1469
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