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The Things People Say: "I want to eat your soap!"

Posted on October 28, 2015 by 53989290 | 7 comments
Today we are revisiting a post from our other soap line: Texas Beer Soap During the times we worked shows and events we often heard some pretty interesting comments and questions. Maybe you will find them to be as well. I haven't selected a favorite, but here are some of the most popular sayings: Will I smell like beer? Will it make me drunk if I eat it? Do you actually use real beer?  I usually spill beer on myself, is that the same thing? I take a shower to stop smelling like beer and you want me to bathe in it? and some of the more endearing ones: eat soap These smell so good! I want to eat your soap! (go ahead, one bite will do you.) I want my husband to smell like this! Will your soap melt? I want to leave it in my truck, so my truck will smell good. and of course we often receive the foodie type comments: Awe...I thought it was fudge (with the sad disappointed look). Is that cheese? Spoken from a small lass of about 8 years old with a lilt of hope, and mouth-watering desire dripping from his voice. We have actually had reports of people's dogs eating our soaps, but that is another story for another day. Then there are the ones that bee line in to look at our displays, which is the sole purpose of having them, but to check out our product line, not to try to buy our props. The most surprising was a 13 yr old girl, wanting our beer taps... say what?! When asked why she wanted them and what would she do with them, thinking maybe her Dad was a home brewer. Nope, she wanted them for herself; to hook up her own soda fountain taps.  Hmm... All in all it makes for an entertaining experience, so keep em coming! You can purchase our Texas Beer Soaps online or in our Studio. You can also find them at some of the local Texas Breweries: Martin House Brewing Co., Lakewood Brewing Co., Rogness Brewing Co., Bluebonnet Beer Co.,  and Rahr & Son's Brewing Co.. If you are traveling north of Dallas near Wichita Falls  or Henrietta, stop in the Pecan Shed and pick up a few bars as well as some of their delicious in-house fudge! Have you ever bathed with your favorite beer? Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~Theresa Theresa Wandering Thistle Studio 1459x1469
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  • Theresa

    Thanks for reading, Amanda! yaya, We all heat them don’t we?!

  • kaylafioravanti

    People say the funniest things! What a fun post.

  • Amanda Gail

    LOVE IT! All of those sound very familiar. :)

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  • Theresa

    They can be entertaining at at times. Thanks! yes we set up beer taps for shows.

  • twoblooms

    So true, we hear the strangest things from customers. Your display sounds great.

  • Theresa

    Thank you Kayla! Appreciate you reading & posting.


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