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Weather Changes, Brings Skin Changes.

Posted on November 13, 2015 by 53989290 | 0 comments
Hello everyone! How was your Friday? Super excited to have the weekend to enjoy. I hope you have something fun planned. The weather here in Texas has begun to change, with it comes the dry, sometimes cracking skin.  I usually get it on my right thumb between the two joints. Since my hands are in water a lot, and yes, I wear protective gloves but it still happens from time to time. I love using our Body Souffle, it is a little bit heavier than a lotion, but not as dense as a body butter. The sweet spot somewhere in between.  I formulated this product several years ago and actually look forward to the cooler months so I can  begin using it again. I know that sounds silly, but I usually don't need a lotion after bathing. But this is  so creamy and luscious, with Shea & Cocoa butter, Avocado oil, and other yummies, that I find myself wishing for cooler weather. IMG_1810 The difficult challenge is choosing which essential oil blend. You must be thinking, use them all, you make them; I could but our Souffles last a good bit, so I try to control  myself and switch between two.  Now, if we are talking soap, I have been known to have 12 different varieties in my shower. I like to test them out, and I many soapmaking friends and we trade bars or rather have an organized soap swap. It is always fun to see how others create soap and their decorative spin or finesse. And don't get me started on packaging. Love everything about those tiny little, wrapped nuggets of goodness. I am wondering, do you prefer to buy naked soap, raw and no package. Or do you like them to be a in a box, hand wrapped, or shrink wrapped?  There are pros & cons to each one and how the end package impacts the environment. I am very much interested in your opinion. Myself, I prefer them to be hand wrapped, even though it is time consuming, but they are so lovely that way. Tomorrow is Saturday, be sure to get out there and enjoy life. You deserve it. As always... Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~ TheresaTheresa Wandering Thistle Studio 1459x1469
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