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Why Did You Chose Wandering Thistle?

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When folks pop in our store, they often say they were intrigued by the name. And what usually follows within the context of our getting acquainted is "Why did you chose Wandering Thistle?" or "Tell me about your name.". I am always more than happy to share the process of selecting the name for the studio. It is very intimate and an extension of myself to say the least. The first piece of the name that was chosen was Thistle. As early as I can remember, thistles were mysterious to me. They have a beautiful periwinkle(my favorite color) to purple tuft of color for a blossom & they have a tendency of growing tall among the weeds. I see them as resilient. Pretty much what one needs in life is to be resilient. Thistles are also a symbol of loyalty and protection. These are characteristics of honor to strive for wouldn't you think? [caption id="attachment_55" align="aligncenter" width="454"]My friend Donna took this picture of thistle growing on her land. My friend Donna took this picture of thistles growing on her land. (It appears they are wandering.)[/caption] "Are you Scottish?" A wee bit...my Mother shares a memory of her Father calling her his little Scot-Irish. I'm claiming it. I love the culture and the countryside, hoping to travel there in near future.  Learn more about the legend of the Scottish Thistle or Scotland. " Ah... why did you choose Wandering?" For many reasons, but it wasn't my first choice.  My heart was set on using Paisley Thistle. Yes, I am a paisley freak! Love those crazy, multi colored, multi-textured tear drops and flowers. But in the end I chose Wandering Thistle.  Having a varied interest in life, it fit, like sliding into your favorite pair of worn and weathered jeans. Many successful entrepreneurs share that people love to connect with a story behind the person or brand. This gave food for thought. What did I want to offer? Being creative is a part of who I am. Having a thirst for knowledge leads me to wander down various paths. Wandering is a sense of curiosity, exploration, peering into the darkness seeking a glimmer of excitement, but also carving out a pathway. My path. Before retiring and opening the Studio, I worked in Home Health Care as an Occupational Therapist(OT). Our theory and scope of practice is to discover how our clients occupy their time. What held their passion in life before injury or disease caused a disruption? For years I had a tremendous opportunity to recreate activities for my clients. To help them improve and regain their ability to participate in their life, as wholly as they could. It is part of who I am and chose to implement a portion of this theory into the business model of the Studio. There are many individuals out there that are the same, wanting to wander in a field of creativity but not knowing where to begin. By opening the Studio, I am hoping to increase the awareness in our community that it is fun to be creative and even more so when you have the opportunity to do something exciting with friends. You can read about our first class here. What's your story? Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~Theresa

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