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Body Souffle

Decadent. Creamy. Smooth as silk.  Just a few descriptives our Body Souffle has inspired.  Our in-house formula of Shea and Cocoa Butter, and decadent oils of  Avocado and Grape Seed is sumptuous, luxurious, and velvety. 

Tip: Generously apply to your entire body immediately after stepping out of the shower or your well deserved soak. Please tell me you take time for a soak!

Available in 2 oz net wt and 4 oz net wt.

Au Natural: Pure goodness, with a hint of chocolate undertones from the raw cocoa butter used.

Hippie Chick: A grounding herbaceous blend of Lavender & dark Patchouli for the free spirit in all of us. 

Lavender: Sweet Bulgarian Lavender. Inhale. Exhale. Peace.

Lavender Mint: Icy Peppermint mingled with herbaceous Lavender. Cooling. Refreshing.

Lavender Rose: Deeply exotic whisking you away to another place in time. Our in-house blend of Lavender, Geranium & aged Patchouli is perfect for mature skin.

Romeo & Juliet: Soft, powdery and sensuous. Loved by women of all ages. 

Salt Spa: Spa aquatic blend intertwined with tranquil notes of exotic white flowers, begging you to spend a day at the spa.

Sandalwood Vanilla: Sultry, woodsy with a touch of sweet vanilla

Sweet Orchid Mist: A sensuous blend of sweet Madagascar Vanilla swirling in a wisp of herbaceous Lavender. Be careful, someone may want to take a bite of you.  Trivia: The vanilla bean is the seed pod to the Orchid from the genus Vanilla. 

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