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Natural Liquid Soap ~ Foam Pump

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Our handcrafted, mild liquid soap is a dream in these foamer pumps. A creamy decadent lather that also extends the life of your liquid soap. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, and guest bathroom. Created with oils that love your skin. 

**NEW Southern Vanille: Opulent aromatics of a bygone era is embodied with the headiness of vanilla, spices, and the leatherly feel of golden tobacco.

**NEW Celtic Spring: Take a walk in the dewy glen, breathe in the freshness of the country air with lavender, litsea, + lemongrass.

Romeo & Juliet: A romantic and sultry fragrance oil blend reminiscent of walking along a moss covered path beneath majestic red cedars, surrounded by luscious ferns with a hint of musk and amber swirling in the damp air. Sweet citrus from the top notes of tangelo & mandarins, with a soft, powdery finish.

Salt Spa: The aromatic lure of cyclamen, water lily and blue lotus mingled with green notes of soft bamboo, musk, and white cedar provides an experience of sensory delight. This aromatic blend is fresh, clean, and mesmerizing. 

Hippie Chick: Fresh, grounding, and herbaceous. Its the perfect blend of lavender and patchouli. . 

Lavender Mint: Refreshing mint with the herbaceous floral of sweet lavender. 

Texas Hill Country: A custom blend that is only found at Wandering Thistle Studio. It is fresh, citrus, green, and fun!

 All Orders are 7~priority /domestic only

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