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Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend

$ 15.00
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The aromatic blend of Eucalyptus globulus and Siver fir creates a synergy blend that is one to treasure. We love diffusing our Breathe Easy in-house blend weekly. 

It is recommended not to use Eucalyptus globulus with children under the age of 12, due to the 1,8 cineole component in this particular oil. Please select Eucalyptus radiata instead.

Each comes in a 15 ml amber bottle with an orifice reducer to help control the amount of oil dispensed without waste. 

To diffuse add a couple of drops to water reservoir.

Safe dilution of any essential oil is recommended to prevent injury.  Please follow these guidelines as recommended by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.

  • 1%  6 drops per ounce of carrier oil
  • 2% 12 drops per ounce of carrier oil
  • 3% 20 drops per ounce of carrier oi
  • Carrier oil of choice: Coconut, almond, olive, sunflower, etc

*Proper storage of your essential oils is to keep them in a cool, dark area away from heat and flames. You may want to consider keeping your oils in a small container in the refrigerator.

*For Safety: Keep out of reach of children and cognitively impaired individuals. Please do not use oils undiluted on your skin or on others, especially children. 

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