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Body Nectar Mini Roll-on

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Wandering Thistle  Body Nectar perfumed oils arrives in a 5 ml mini roll-on bottle,

just right for tucking in your purse for a getaway weekend, or a night on the town. 

Our in-house, essential oil blends allow you to have a signature scent without being overwhelming to those around you. There is no need for your perfume to enter the room before you do. Layer  a couple of the scents to create something fabulous. 

Comprised of Organic Jojoba & Fractionated Coconut Oil is light on the skin. Simply apply to your wrist, neck, and or decolletage. Due to not having alcohol in mix, you may need to reapply depending upon your activity level.

Hippie Chick: A grounding and herbaceous blend of lavender & dark patchouli. 

Relaxation: A soothing, floral  of Bulgarian lavender.

Jasmin Amour: A sexy blend that is happy and pleasing to those around you. Sultry Vetiver, blended with Jasmine Sambac & Neroli, gives a green aromatic that similar to honey infused tea. Jasmine petals are added to infuse within the nectar. Psst...Be sure to roll the "R" as you say Amour

Rose of Tranquility: An exotic rose that is spicy, passionate and calming. Not sweet, no shrinking violet here. Rose petals float within the bottle for more infusion and a botanical nuance.

Chill Out:  A blend for one of those days! A synergystic essential oil blend of Black Spruce, Rose Geranium, & Orange. Just roll and breathe. 

Sweet Orchid Mist: A sensuous blend of sweet vanilla and lavender. 




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